Science: Believe what you see. Religion: Believe what we tell you, not what you see. What remains of physical reality after deleting empirical reality? 21st century government is religion less phantasmic post mortem escrow. It has one functional reflex to criminal enterprise backed by political moxie. Inner City gangs to social advocacies to the United Nations, brigands are delightedly embraced. Government needs strong friends to forge electorates of meek vassals. Freedom is compliance.

Compare fossil fuel CO2 emissions to natural sources' emissions - volcanism, swamps, tundra, jungle, forest litter, wildfires, etc. Natural emissions' uncertainty is vastly larger than exquisitely totaled fossil fuel additions. Facts are impolitic.

On 15 May 2006 the European commission admitted Europe's major industries emitted 44 million tonnes less CO2 in 2005 than allotted by the Kyoto accords. Heinous real world economic costs trumped illusory Enviro-whinerisms, but Eden did not magically coalesce.

"It is unlikely that 2005's shortfall in emissions is due to industry making great strides to clean up its act," said European commission spokeswoman Barbara Helferich. "It is more likely that we have miscalculated the amount actually needed and therefore over-allocated emissions rights."

When advocacy bureaucrats play god with $trillion economies, what bottom lines accrue? A conspiracy of feckless crapweasels imposing an abusive hegemony of beige greedily embraces reality deficit disorder. Deformed decisions engender economic cloudy days, countervailing the Greenhouse Effect, er Global Warming, er Climate Change. There are no rights, there are appetites. View their groaning board by looking in any mirror.

No magnitude of CO2 emissions' reduction is adequate. Martin Luther's First Thesis was explicit, "...'Poenitentiam agite adpropinquavit enim regnum caelorum' omnem vitam fidelium penitentiam esse voluit'." Penance is endless debt. God wants it ALL. His third Thesis: "...there is no inward repentance which does not outwardly work divers mortifications of the flesh." Pay your Carbon Tax on Everything, sucker.

Emission rights allocations will be dramatically tightened for the 2008-2012 trade period. "Only then can the EU hope to meet its climate change targets," said Ruta Bubniene, policy officer at the Brussels-based Climate Action Network Europe. There are no targets. Whatever you have of value, Enviro-whiners want it destroyed.

Alaska fires during 2004 burned over 6.38 million acres. 2006 through 27 August saw 99,059 fires in the 50 states burn 9,953,873 acres *before* the autumn fire season started,

Posit burns average a paltry one gram of fuel/cm2, the weight of 1/5 teaspoon of a water or a dry unmown blade of grass. That is a gross underestimate (consider trees) and we will calculate its immodest implications. 9.95 million acres = 4.03·1014 cm2 giving 4.03·1014 cm2 grams of fuel. Plants are 44.4% carbon by weight (net C6(H2O)5 for polyglucose cellulose; carbon-rich lignin balances moisture). Multiply that fraction by 44.01/12.01 for carbon to CO2. Wildfires emitted 0.6554 billion metric tons of CO2 before the 2006 fire season began.

Worldwide, "humans burn anywhere from 750,000 to 8.2 million km2 of forest and grassland around the world,"


The very conservative mean is 4.475 million km2. This is supported by Science 320(5880) 1139 (2008) that estimates 4.5 million km2/year burned planetwide. American wildfires are barely decimal trim (40,266 km2). Worldwide fires annually emit 72.81 billion metric tonnes of CO2. A gallon of gasoline burns to 19.4 pounds or 8800 grams of CO2. Worldwide fires are very conservatively equivalent to burning 8.27 trillion gallons of gasoline annually.


The Earth's total petroleum consumption averaged 1.6 million bbl/d in 2006. We will allow carbon sumps like asphalt remaining after refining to appear as burned fuel. (42 gallons/bbl)(1.60·106 bbl/d)(365 days) is 24.5 billion gallons for the year 2006.


The Kyoto Accords are not insanity, they are purposeful criminality. EACH YEAR global wildfires equal the whole world burning 100% of recovered petroleum for 337 YEARS.

THEY ARE LYING TO YOU. It is not a good lie. It is crap at face value. Unfathomably huge quantities of CO2 and methane rise up from rotting Siberian and Canadian wet tundra plus rice paddies and swamps (wetlands). CO2 emitted by petroleum combustion is meaninglessly small in comparison to any of them.

If you like sheaves of differential equations rather than arithmetic you can obtain any politically useful answer at will. Statistically rigorous climate prediction on demand has arrived,


Dynamically generated random numbers carved to fit within a trifling statistical envelope will outperform any and all climate models of whatever complexity and computational burden - in a few PC-seconds. The false numbers are double-blind indistinguishable from the "real" ones. One may confidently predict any future climate desired, and submit bills of lading to be paid in the here and now. THEY ARE LYING TO YOU.

The price of American fuel does not Officially impact the economy, nor does the price of food. Shift corn and soy production to gasohol and biodiesel. Expensive animal feed will do to milk, cheese, beef, pork, and poultry what the Arabs did to gasoline and diesel. Washington's Consumer Price Index is very carefully configured to eructate only happy talk. Will government do for food costs what HHS Medicare did for healthcare costs? Will only privileged minorities be adequately fed?

Ignorance and faith are the mightly three pillars supporting Amerika. Add egregious corruption impossibly beyond even Haliburton/Xe and the rest of the First World queues up. You cannot imagine the Third World - but you will. You are mandated charity buying it even as you read thus.

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