"A Proposal for Correcting Social Inequities Intrinsic to the Drunkard's Walk: No Photon Left Behind"

Classical physics demands certainty. Quantum mechanics demands probability. Diversity demands one more turn of the screw - nullity. We cannot allow the impositions of society to crush the aspirations of culture. Those who are empirically materially productive steal wealth from those who pursue transient hedonistic objectively valueless personal agendas. Diversity is admission for reason of disqualification. Ill-gotten gains from focused efforts must be confiscated by higher authority and distributed to the deserving, less user fees.

Imagine a particle randomly jiggling in small increments in all possible directions in one and more physical dimensions. Does the wanderer randomly return to the origin with a known probability, p(d)? How does it radially wander, d, from its starting point d0 given identical (average; root mean square rms) steps? Mathematics affords solutions in any number of dimensions, D. The origin will be revisited with 100% probability in one or two dimensions. Returning home takes a big hit in 3-D, just like in real life.

D p(d0) ============ 1 1.0 2 1.0 3 0.340537 4 0.193206 5 0.135178 6 0.104715 7 0.0858449 8 0.0729126

In 1-D, the limiting rms distance from the origin for step size L is d = (L)sqrt(2N/pi) for equal left-right probability. If unequal, limiting d = (L)sqrt(Npq), p being probability to the right and q to the left, (p + q) = 1. In 2-D and 3-D, radial rms distance for step size L is (L)sqrt(N). In a large cube of side L containing L3 cubes, a random walk limitingly visits L2 cubes.

This is White Protestant European historic oppressors of Photons of Colour hegemony. A photon scattered in a medium is not constrained by arrogant patriarchal physics! Its scattering strength is proportional to the fourth power of its frequency. It can diffract around small scattering centers. Photons propagate within the radiative transfer equation. They enjoy a richer, more fulfilling, culturally more valid gestalt than ball bearings abusively seize.

Diversity random walks go anywhere they want to go. They are carried within golden palanquins of safety nets, privileged minority status, and compassion. Why would they on average ever leave the origin? They expand by funded reproduction.

Immense sums of money must be awarded by the Federal government in perpetuity to subsidize studies of Black and Brown photons, other-abled photons, gay and lesbian photons; wavelength as a second parameter photons, photons made victim to substance abuse, obesity, depression; and HIV-challenged photons. Universities must establish departments and degree programs in Photon Studies. Our crusade for photon rights will never end.

Young photons must be placed in small etalon Special Photonics instruction bulging with photonics aides and parametric amplifiers. They must be granted social promotion in propagation-based education. They must be awarded full scholarship matriculation at any high impedance interface they choose. Photon tunneling for the masses!

Total internal reflection is the cruelest photon discrimination. We cannot tolerate photons being persecuted for their shallow impingement angles while privileged photons with large angles are automatically passed. All transmission interfaces must be buffered to promote virtual passage of evanescent, effervescent, deserving photons while excluding hoity toity photons. (French haut toit "high roof" from which the "upper classes" looked down upon the literally "lower classes.") Photons of Colour off the CIE chromaticity diagram will *not* be looked down upon!

Our mission is well-founded. "Recent research has shown the potential for nonallopatric speciation, but we lack an adequate understanding of the mechanisms of prezygotic barriers..." Evolution 62(12) 3178 (2008).

Tattooed White trash male photon: "Hey babe, wanna do it?"
Trophy Asian female photon: "No."

Intolerable! Photon interaction strengths will be legislated into law. There will be mandated zero color discrimination - a truly achieved monochromicity. Rigorous color monitoring and strictly enforced color quotas will guarantee no color bias, no color segregation, and no color subjugation of interaction. Photon equity is not equality or majority, photon equity is 100%.

Every photon goes to photoreceptors! Locally emitted photons shall not exercise privilege over newly arrived undocumented photons - especially exo-atmospheric black body photons, galactic cyclotron emission photons, gamma burstar photons, and cosmic microwave background photons (at 2.7255 kelvins, ApJ 707 916 (2009)). Every microwave horn must be cleaned of pigeon poop, the standard having been set by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson in 1965, for which they were awarded the Nobel Prize/Physics.

But what of 336/cm3 privileged minority primordial neutrinos shivering at 1.9454 kelvins (Tnu/Tgamma = (4/11)(1/3))? They go non-relativistic when (3.2)kBTnu is less than mnuc2. Though electron neutrinos' threshold conversion rest mass is then 0.536 meV compared with 200 meV rest mass estimated, they nevertheless still command empathic kindness (massive pecuniary subsidies with deep skims by lepton advocates). We as a society may no longer indulge in turning a blind eye toward neutrinos!

Say it loud and say it proud, "NO LEPTON LEFT BEHIND!"

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