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117 updates/additions.
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Kaspersky-Pro is the rabid Russian wolverine of malware interdiction and removal. Don't suffer Norton or McAfee.
Do left and right shoes vacuum free fall identically? Might physical reality be a left foot onto which they fit differently? We could know in two days on the cheap or in 90 days with gold plating. Somebody should look.
Outlook Express is a mess. Download Outlook Express utilities for encryption, editing, compression, and permanent erasure of Outlook Express e-mail storage. The whole custom utilities website is slightly fabulous.
Conquer your Windoze 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP hard drive! www.ztree.com/ As XTREE civilized DOS so ZTREE tames Windoze. Download a nice ZTREE configuration file (0.2 KB).


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300,000+ indexed and documented shareware packages
Advanced Materials/Composites
American/California Law
Copyright and Intellectual Property Resources
Currency Converters
Fluorescent Probes and Link Hub
FTP software, sites
Give Uncle Sam a Wedgie (encryption, hacking)
Graphics and Formatted Text
Graves, Cemeteries; Living Politicians
Internet Directories and Utilities
Lists of Lists and FAQs
Medline (11 million medical references)
Newsgroups and related information
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The List (All Internet Providers, e-mail hosts)
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  1. www.insults.net/html/swear/index.html
    swearing in 37 languages
  2. www.notam02.no/~hcholm/altlang/
    multilingual cursing
  3. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_expletives
    fictional expletives
  4. www.urbandictionary.com/
  5. www.elook.org/firefox.html
  6. world.altavista.com/
  7. www.freetranslation.com/
    text translation
  8. www.worldlingo.com/products_services/worldlingo_translator.html
    extreme translator
  9. www.freeglossary.com/
    multilingual glossary
  10. www.yourDictionary.com/
    1800 dictionaries in 230 languages
  11. www.word2word.com/dictionary.html
    184 languages
  12. www.translate-free.com/
    text translation
  13. dict.leo.org/?lang=en
  14. www.gy.com/language.htm
    software for 177 languages
  15. www.snowcrest.net/donnelly/piglatin.html
    Pig Latin
  16. www.hyperdictionary.com/
    metadictionary engine
  17. www.m-w.com/dictionary.htm
    Merriam Webster on-line
  18. zhongwen.com/zi.htm
    Chinese character meta-dictionary
  19. www.nightgarden.com/shannon.htm
  20. www.onelook.com/
    dictionary meta-search
  21. www.foldoc.org/
    computer jargon
  22. www.techweb.com/encyclopedia/
    dictionary of computer terms
  23. www.ace.net.nz/tech/TechFileFormat.html
    file formats
  24. www.ethnologue.com/
    scholarly reference, all the worlds languages
  25. www.whatis.com/
  26. www-math.uni-paderborn.de/dictionaries/Dictionaries_noframes.html
    multiple languages
  27. www.digiserve.com/heraldry/pimbley.htm
    Pimbley's heraldry
  28. pax.st.usm.edu/cmi/inform_html/glossary.html
    math dictionary
  29. www.pcwebopaedia.com/
    computer and Internet
  30. www.chatropolis.com/chat_dictionary.html
    emoticons and abbreviations
  31. www.koshernosh.com/dictiona.htm
  32. www.medicinenet.com/
  33. www.energy.ca.gov/glossary
  34. www.refdesk.com/index.html
    reference sites


  1. www.mistral.co.uk/42brghtn/knots/
  2. www.une.edu.au/~unemc/alpbutt.htm
  3. www.earlham.edu/~peters/knotgrfx/gallery.htm
    knot king
  4. www.earlham.edu/~peters/knotlink.htm
  5. www.earlham.edu/~peters/writing/explode.htm
  6. www.realknots.com/knots
  7. www.scouts.asn.au/knot_idx.html
  8. www.isu.edu/outdoor/knots.htm
  9. www.marinews.com/bk_knots.htm

Lists of Lists

  1. www.animatedsoftware.com/pumpglos/pumpglos.htm
  2. eqworld.ipmnet.ru/
    Equation World - solve everything
  3. www.codehappy.net/calculator.htm
    double precision symbolic calculator
  4. www.luxpop.com/
    optical calculators
  5. www.1728.com/index.htm
  6. www.arnoldmagnetics.com/mtc/calc_gauss_cyl.htm
    magnetic field strength vs. distance
  7. www.1728.com/cubic.htm
    cubic equation solver
  8. www.luxpop.com/
    refractive index vs. wavelength, optical properties calculator
  9. www.wolinskyweb.net/measure.htm
    huge number of calculator apps
  10. www.calculator.org/properties.html
    unit conversions
  11. functions.wolfram.com/
    math functions and their visualizations
  12. tools.google.com/gapminder/
    social or economic indicators worldwide, linear or log
  13. www.sasi.group.shef.ac.uk/worldmapper/index.html
    map social or economic indicators worldwide
  14. math.ucr.edu/home/baez/platonic.html
    Platonic solids in N dimensions
  15. www.geom.uiuc.edu/apps/quasitiler/about.html
    QuasiTiler (Penrose tiling)
  16. aleph0.clarku.edu/~djoyce/java/elements/toc.html
    Eulcid's Elements
  17. swissnet.ai.mit.edu/~jaffer/Geometry/Marbling
    ink marbeling
  18. users.aol.com/s6sj7gt/mikehome.htm
    matematization of everything
  19. www.processassociates.com/process/separate/termvel.htm
    terminal velocity calculator
  20. www.eeggs.com/
    software Easter eggs
  21. www.eggheaven2000.com/
    software Easter eggs
  22. www.fedstats.gov/
    100 Federal agencies' statistics
  23. nucleardata.nuclear.lu.se/database/
    nuclear databases
  24. www.ipl.org/ref/RR/
    across all disciplines
  25. www.encyberpedia.com/glossary.htm
    mammoth list of resources
  26. www.hoaxkill.com/
    debunking hoaxes
  27. www.pantheon.org/mythica.html
    encyclopedia mythica
  28. www.business.gov/
    Federal business information resources
  29. hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/hframe.html
    overview of all physics
  30. www.motionmountain.net
    overview of all physics
  31. www.andrijar.com/
  32. www.mat.univie.ac.at/~neum/physics-faq.txt
    theoretical physics FAQ
  33. www.nndc.bnl.gov/nudat2/index.jsp
    interactive nuclide chart
  34. www.calphysics.org/research.html
    quantum zero point fluctuations and stochastic electrodynamics
  35. arXiv.org/abs/quant-ph/0501011
    linear stochastic electrodynamics
  36. arXiv/abs/quant-ph/0411185
    test of stochastic electrodynamics
  37. www.xs4all.nl/~johanw/contents.html
    physics formulary

Big Boppers

  1. google.com/
  2. google.com/help/operators.html
    Google syntax
  3. google.com/features.html
    other Google engines
  4. www.google.com/options/index.html
    the complete Google
  5. en.wikipedia.org/
  6. technorati.com/
    blog search engine
  7. www.completeplanet.com/
    search engine for search engines
  8. www.treasure-troves.com/
    Weisstein's massive technical databases
  9. www.lii.org/
    massive progressive database of databases
  10. www.netmasters.co.uk/european_search_engines/
    European search engines, directories, and lists
  11. www.metacrawler.com/
    meta search engine
  12. internettutorials.net/choose.html
    guide to search engines
  13. www.GoCee.com/eureka/
    listed search engines
  14. www.infinisource.com/quick-search.html
    listed search engines
  15. www.search-beat.com/
    Massive list of specialized search engines
  16. shape.cs.princeton.edu/search.html
    shape search
  17. wwww.hotsheet.com/
    impresssive list of links
  18. www.searchenginewatch.com/
  19. oldweb.cecm.sfu.ca/projects/ISC/
    inverse symbolic calculator (numbers into generating formulae)
  20. www.mykoweb.com/
    all about fungus
  21. www.ars-grin.gov/duke/
    phytochemical and ethnobotany search engine
  22. www.herbmed.org/
    evidence-based herbal medicine search engine
  23. www.omnisterra.com/bot/pp_home.cgi
    parasitic plants
  24. www.omnisterra.com/bot/cp_home.cgi
    carnivorous plants
  25. nilesonline.com/data/
    Data resources by topic

Research It!

  1. www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/
    CIA world factbook
  2. lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/cshome.html#toc
    comprehensive countries' data
  3. www.bigcharts.com/
    Severe Stock Market
  4. simbad.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/WSimbad.pl
    astronomical object search engine
  5. earthtrends.wri.org/
    wordwide Enviro-info
  6. www.iTools.com/
  7. www.1upinfo.com/
    datbases on all subjects
  8. www.fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/uncgi/Solar/
    digital orrery
  9. lib-www.ucr.edu/
  10. plato.stanford.edu/contents.html
    interactve encyclopedia
  11. www.quotationspage.com/search.php3
    quotes tracer
  12. www.bartleby.com/
    classic literature search
  13. minerals.er.usgs.gov/minerals/
    commodity statistics
  14. www.OpticsNotes.com/
  15. www.w3.org/vl/Overview.html
    massive virtual library
  16. www.loc.gov/
    US Library of Congress
  17. www.urbanlegends.com/
  18. www.snopes2.com/
    urban legends

240,000+ indexed and documented shareware packages

  1. www.jumbo.com/
  2. shareware.cnet.com/
  3. www.sharewareisland.com/
  4. www.hitsquad.com/smm/
    music software, exhaustive
  5. www.pt.lu/comnet/
    indexed shareware collection
  6. www.tucows.com/
    especially winsock
  7. www.download.com/
  8. www.health-infosys-dir.com/
    healthcare softtware

Graves, Cemeteries; Politicians

  1. www.potifos.com/tpg/index.html
    politicians' graves
  2. www.findagrave.com/index.html
    celebrities' graves
  3. www.cyndislist.com/cemetery.htm
    everyone's graves
  4. liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov/RealTime/JTrack/
    real time tracking and orbits of all s and spacecraft
  5. neo.jpl.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/neo_ca?sort=dmin
    Earth-NEO close approaches
  6. space.mit.edu/home/tegmark/toe_frames.html
    Tegmark's allowed universes

Advanced Materials/Composites

  1. www.liquidmetal.com/news/AdvMatProcess.pdf
    LiquidMetal physicals
  2. www.martindalecenter.com/GradMaterial.html
    materials science center
  3. www.argonide.com/
    commercial bulk metal nanoparticulates
  4. www.solgel.com/
    sol-gel gateway
  5. liqcryst.chemie.uni-hamburg.de/
    liquid crystal database
  6. composite.about.com/industry/composite/cs/howtos/index.htm
    composite layup
  7. members.aol.com/rclact/home.htm
    ceramic coatings
  8. www.magnaplate.com/
    alumina/organic composite coatings
  9. www.nanoshield-pvd.com/
    ultrahard and decorative coatings
  10. swaintech.com/
    hard coatings
  11. stinet.dtic.mil/
    Defense Technical Information Center
  12. www.fluoroseal.com/
    surface fluorination
  13. www.matweb.com/
  14. www.corrosionsource.com/
    corrosion data
  15. www.wwcomposites.com/
    composties search engine
  16. www.reade.com/
    ceramic powder data
  17. www.adhesivesmart.com/
    adhesives search engine
  18. web.wt.net/~daba/Mineral/determin.html
    gemstone and mineral properties
  19. www.novatekonline.com/
    sintered diamond and c-BN
  20. www.diamonex.com/
    CVD diamond
  21. www.anodizing.org/index.html
    everything about anodized aluminum
  22. www.eps-plating.com/
  23. www.biomaterials.org/
    Society for Biomaterials

Graphics and Formatted Text

  1. www.word2tex.com/
    MS Word to LaTeX
  2. www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html
    TeX, LaTeX
  3. www.miktex.org/
  4. www.tug.org/interest.html
  5. www.lyx.org/
    LaTeX-compatible world processor
  6. www.identifont.com/
    identifying fonts
  7. www.htmlhelp.com/
    META statements, incredible stuff
  8. www.fotosearch.com/
    Photos and graphics search engine
  9. www.ditto.com/
    graphics search engine
  10. www.driverstock.com
  11. www.helpdrivers.com/
  12. www.driverfiles.net
  13. www.drivershq.com/
  14. www.driverzone.com/
  15. www.driverguide.com/
  16. www.mindworkshop.com/alchemy/alchemy.html
    Graphics Workshop, GIF Construction Kit
  17. www.real.com/products/player/index.html
    *.ra,*.rv; streaming audio, video

Give Uncle Sam a Wedgie

  1. www.cacr.math.uwaterloo.ca/hac/
    downloadale overview of cryptography
  2. cryptography.org/
    high-level cryptography
  3. www.pgp.com/
    Pretty Good Privacy
  4. web.mit.edu/network/pgp.html
    Pretty Good Privacy
  5. www.briggsoft.com/
  6. www.scramdisk.clara.net/
    virtual hard drive encryption
  7. bijective.dogma.net/
    file compression prior to encryption


  1. groups.google.com/
    Usenet search engine
  2. www.mediasec.it/news/
    public nntp servers
  3. sunsite.unc.edu/usenet-i/hier-s/0top-1.html
    800K download summary of all newsgroups


  1. maps.google.com/
    killer app for finding and driving
  2. maps.msn.com/
    Screw BillGates
  3. www.globexplorer.com/
    satellite imaging with zoom
  4. www.delorme.com/
  5. www.MapsOnUs.com/
  6. www.topozone.com/
    topographic maps for the entire US
  7. tiger.census.gov/cgi-bin/mapsurfer/
    enter coordinates, go for it
  8. www.geodata.gov/
    Mappable Enviro-data
  9. www.hmssurprise.org/Resources/whereami.html
    global locator
  10. www.acme.com/mapper/
    aerial view and topo mapper
  11. www.indo.com/distance/
    distance between two geographic points
  12. www.indo.com/distance/
    maps, coords, distance calculator
  13. terraserver-usa.com/
    US photoimagery
  14. www.omnimap.com/catalog/index.htm
  15. www.census.gov/cgi-bin/gazetteer

Medline (11 million medical references) and Medicine

  1. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed/
  2. www4.infotrieve.com/newmedline/search.asp
  3. toxnet.nlm.nih.gov/
  4. omni.ac.uk/
  5. www.mednets.com/
    professional medical search engines

More Search engines

  1. users.erols.com/mwhite28/war-1900.htm
    annual conflict mortality
  2. www.scirus.com/
    technical search engine
  3. www.osti.gov/eprints/
    Federal preprint browser
  4. www.alltheweb.com/
  5. www.wisenut.com/
  6. www.nlsearch.com/
  7. www.cdc.gov/search.htm
    Centers for Disease Control search engine
  8. world-trade-search.com/
  9. www.search.ch/index.html.en

Internet Directories and Utilities

  1. www.livecdlist.com
    Live Linux CDs
  2. www.litepc.com/
    custom edit Windows OS
  3. validator.w3.org/file-upload.html
    HTML code validator
  4. grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2
    computer vulnerability to attack
  5. www.dll-files.com/dllindex/index.shtml
    dll files
  6. www.cotse.com/refs.htm
    Net utilities, ID conversions, everything!
  7. www.mse.co.jp/ip_domain/index_e.shtml
    domain name to owner
  8. freshaddress.com/
    expired e-mail address forwarding
  9. www.dslreports.com/stest/0
    connection speed tests
  10. www.zonelabs.com/store/content/home.jsp
    Superb firewall -ZoneAlarm Pro
  11. www.alanwood.net/demos/symbol.html
    characters supported in HTML 4.0
  12. www.spectorsoft.com/
  13. www.speedguide.net/Cable_modems/cable_patches.shtml
    cable modem speed patches
  14. grc.com/su-firewalls.htm
    more firewalls
  15. samspade.org/
    trace hacker attacks
  16. privacy.net/analyze/
    display info traceable to you when you surf
  17. uptime.netcraft.com/up/
    probe into any URL's server
  18. domainsurfer.com/
    enter a string, get all matching domains - clickable!
  19. cgibin.erols.com/ziring/cgi-bin/nsgate/gate.pl
    IP to URL, domain name searches
  20. www.internettrafficreport.com/
    Internet usage report

Personal Investigation

  1. www.zabasearch.com/
    personal information
  2. www.abika.com/
    Personal and Net searches
  3. www.kaleinvestigation.com/address.html
    Worldwide people locator
  4. www.equifax.com/
  5. www.fec.gov/
    Federal election commission
  6. www.edgar-online.com/
    SEC filing info
  7. www.spredgar.com/
    Interprets Edgar 10-K and 10-Q in Excel
  8. www.prars.com/
    corporate annual reports

Corporate information

  1. www.dmoz.org/Business/Major_Companies/Company_Information/
  2. www.llrx.com/features/company.htm

The Phone Book

  1. www.daplus.us/
  2. www.journalismnet.com/phones/reverse.htm/
    reverse phone book
  3. www.oregonscientific.com/
    correct time hardware
  4. nist.time.gov/
    the correct time
  5. www.anywho.com/
  6. www.allpages.com/
    yellow pages
  7. www.yellowpages.com/
  8. www.yellow.com/
  9. www.411locate.com/
  10. www.555-1212.com/
  11. www.bigfoot.com/
  12. canada411.sympatico.ca/
  13. www.infospace.com/
  14. www.whowhere.lycos.com/
  15. www.vyp.com/
  16. www.switchboard.com/
  17. www.worldpages.com/
  18. www.europages.com/

Currency Converters

  1. www.xe.net/ucc/
    currency converter
  2. www.oanda.com/converter/classic
    currency converter

Thomas Register (all North American manufacture)

  1. www.thomasnet.com/
    the Thomas Register
  2. www.mcmaster.com/
    if McMaster doesn't sell it, you don't need it


  1. www.bio.umass.edu/biology/kunkel/cockroach.html
    cockroach phyla
  2. ianrwww.unl.edu/ianr/pat/appenxd.htm
    cockroach ID
  3. edis.ifas.ufl.edu/scripts/htmlgen.exe?DOCUMENT_IG082
    cockroach management
  4. www.pherobase.com/
    insect pheromone database


  1. www.cuteftp.com/
    CuteFTP - simple and good
  2. ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/doc-net/ftp-list.zip


  1. www.uspto.gov/
    US Patent and Trademark Office
  2. www.PatentDatabase.com/
    patent search engine
  3. www.us-patent-search.com/cgi-bin/links/add.cgi
    patent search
  4. patents.cos.com/
    US patents
  5. library.stanford.edu/depts/swain/collections/patents/index.html
    information resource
  6. www.freepatentsonline.com/
    Patent search engine
  7. www.ipnewsflash.com/
    Patent decisions and news
  8. www.delphion.com/
    was IBM womplex patent search
  9. www.patentlogistics.com/FetchPatent.php
    concatenates documents and delivers PDFs
  10. www.bustpatents.com/
    patent challenges
  11. ep.espacenet.com/
    European Patent Office
  12. www.claessen.net/chemistry/pat_en.html
    US and international patent resource
  13. sunsite.unc.edu/patents/
    manual of patent classification
  14. patents1.ic.gc.ca/srch_sim-e.html
    Canadian patents
  15. strategis.ic.gc.ca/sc_innov/engdoc/einnov_search.html
    patent database search
  16. www-sul.stanford.edu/collect/science/patents.html
    patent databases
  17. www.european-patent-office.org/index.en.php
    european patent office

...and Trademarks

  1. www.uspto.gov/web/offices/tac/doc/basic/
  2. tess2.uspto.gov/netahtml/tidm.html
    US Manual
  3. www.uspto.gov/teas/print/welcome.htm
    The fine print
  4. www.wipo.int/
    International Registry of Marks

Copyright and Intellectual Property Resources

  1. www.loc.gov/copyright/
    Library of Congress copyright office

Fluorescent Probes and Link Hub

  1. www.probes.com/


  1. www.scs.uiuc.edu/suslick/seminaronseminars.html
    seminar on seminars
  2. www.ism.ac.ru/handbook/
    self-propagating high-temp synthesis
  3. iris12.colby.edu/~www/sconv.cgi
    molecular structure file format converter
  4. www.ch.ic.ac.uk/chemime/
    chemical structure file format examples
  5. www.chembuddy.com/
    chemical calculators
  6. www.organic-chemistry.org/namedreactions/
    organic reactions
  7. www.chempensoftware.com/organicreactions.htm
    organic name reactions
  8. www.ch.ic.ac.uk/local/projects/p_hazel/synthesis2.html
    viagra (sildenafil) synthesis
  9. www.neofuel.com/optimum/
    optimum rocket performance
  10. www.aist.go.jp/RIODB/ChemTherm/index5.htm
    ultracompressed matter
  11. www.liv.ac.uk/Chemistry/Links/links.html
    compiled chemistry links
  12. www.organicworldwide.net/
    everything for organikers
  13. www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/Chemistry/MOTM/silly/sillymols.htm
    silly chemistry
  14. www.chemspy.com/
    chemistry databases
  15. www.geocities.com/chempen_software/reactions.htm
    organic name reactions
  16. www.chemicalregister.com/
    searchable directory of 15,000 suppliers
  17. www.library.ubc.ca/scieng/coden.html
    abbreviations to journal titles
  18. webbook.nist.gov/
  19. www.liv.ac.uk/Chemistry/Links/links.html
    chemistry link central
  20. www.aist.go.jp/RIODB/SDBS/menu-e.html
    NMR,IR,Raman,EPR,MS spectra on-line
  21. www.nist.gov/srd/online.htm
    NIST databases
  22. physics.nist.gov/cuu/Constants/index.html
    2002 physical constants updated
  23. ingredients.givaudan.com/
    scents and flavors
  24. chemfinder.cambridgesoft.com/
    locate any thing or corporate
  25. www.chemrx.com/
    combinatorial chemistry
  26. www.webelements.com/
    interactive periodic table
  27. toxnet.nlm.nih.gov
    Toxnet databases
  28. www.asminternational.org/
  29. www.chemexper.be/
  30. www.chem.com/
  31. www.liv.ac.uk/buffers/
    buffers applet
  32. www.chemnet.com/
  33. www.chemconnect.com/
    chemical suppliers
  34. www.che.ufl.edu/WWW-CHE/topics/chemicals.html
    chemical suppliers
  35. www.rapra.net/
    plastics and rubber
  36. www.labinternet.com/
    equipment and MSDS resource
  37. www.chem.utah.edu/facilities/MSDS.html
    MSDS resource
  38. delphi.phys.univ-tours.fr/Prolysis/
    protease search engine
  39. www.sbu.ac.uk/water/phase.html
    water phase diagram
  40. www.lsbu.ac.uk/water/anmlies.html
    water anomalies
  41. www.me.berkeley.edu/diamond/submissions/diam_intro/cphased.htm
    carbon phase diagram
  42. pdg.lbl.gov/
    particle physics summary
  43. www.physics.org/
    physics information hub
  44. users.forthnet.gr/ath/jgal/spectroscope/amici.html#colorphotos
    light source spectral distribution
  45. users.forthnet.gr/ath/jgal/spectroscope/amici.html#colorphotos
    color spectra of light sources

The List (9700+ Internet Providers by area code)

  1. www.thelist.com/
  2. www.emailaddresses.com/
    550 free e-mail hosts
  3. www.findmemail.com/
    permanent e-mail address

American/California Law

  1. www.archives.gov/index.html
    national archives and records
  2. www.lawresearch.com/
    240 nations' law libraries
  3. www.ilrg.com/
    238 nations' legal resource guides
  4. www.nolo.com/
    Law for the Masses
  5. www.taxprophet.com/
    IRS code search engine
  6. www.leginfo.ca.gov/calaw.html
    Find California Code
  7. www.calbar.ca.gov/state/calbar/calbar_home.jsp
    The State Bar of California
  8. www.ca.gov/
    California State Home Page
  9. www.washlaw.edu/
    all states' law; massive law subject index
  10. www.sen.ca.gov/
    California State Senate
  11. www.law.cornell.edu:80/uscode/
    United States Code
  12. thomas.loc.gov/
    THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
  13. supct.law.cornell.edu/supct/
    Supreme Court Decisions
  14. www.law.cornell.edu/ucc/ucc.table.html
    Uniform Commerical Code Articles 1-9
  15. www.sec.gov/
    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  16. www.fedworld.gov/
    FedWorld Home Page
  17. www.hg.org/
    Hieros Gamos
  18. www.accusearch.biz/
    Pima and Maricopa county AZ public record search

Some of Uncle Al's haunts and favored link hubs

  1. www.mazepath.com/uncleal/
    Clinton tried to kill it. Who's in Harlem now, Bubba?
  2. www.mazepath.com/uncleal/eotvos.htm
    Do left-handed and right-handed objects fall identically?
  3. www.mazepath.com/uncleal/qz3.pdf
    Does the Equivalence Principle have a parity violation?
  4. www.mazepath.com/uncleal/lajos.htm
    EP parity violation in two days' work
  5. members.aol.com/bbu84/biblicalstupidity/quotes.htm
    evil bible
  6. www.nobeliefs.com/DarkBible/DarkBibleContents.htm
    dark bible
  7. number-none.com/product/
    game design
  8. einstein.stanford.edu/
    Gravity Probe-B
  9. www.elsewhere.org/cgi-bin/postmodern/
    The Postmodernism Generator
  10. www.tides.info/
  11. www.pratt-whitney.com/how.htm?SMIDENTITY=NO
    how engines work
  12. www.nakednews.com/
    They save on wardrobe. Do not use Windoze Media Player.
  13. www.sodaplay.com/index.htm
    play with an automaton
  14. www.asciimation.co.nz/
    Star Wars in ASCII!
  15. www.nuprograms.com/minedefuser.html
    Minesweeper cybersweeper
  16. www.michaelbach.de/ot/mot_mib/index.html
    motion-induced blindness
  17. www.coudal.com/moom.php
    museum of museums
  18. www.anzwers.org/free/universe/
    atlas of the universe
  19. www.fredoneverything.net/
    what the world would be if people had working brains
  20. www.miniclip.com/Flash/WOT_II_SpecOps.swf
    juke some towelheads
  21. www.math.dartmouth.edu/~dlittle/java/SpiroGraph
    interactive SpiroGraph
  22. www.netspace.net.au/~gregegan/APPLETS/Applets.html
    JAVA physics applets including "subluminal" and "belt"
  23. www.wunderground.com/
    worldwide weather
  24. www.crank.net/
    definitive guide to Web idiots
  25. underground.zork.net/
    erotic origami
  26. www.deltabravo.net/custody/rorschach.htm
    Rorschach interpretation
  27. www.viceking.net/bubblewrap.swf/bubblewrap1.swf
    bubble wrap
  28. zoomquilt.nikkki.net/
    zoom quilt
  29. www.theflasharchive.com/f/f-50.htm
    cow liberals
  30. www.geocities.com/Vienna/9349/
    the sounds of mathematics
  31. www.mtn.org/quack/
    tour of patent medical fraud
  32. www.mum.org/
    You wouldn't believe it if I told you
  33. newgrounds.com/
    another Shockwave gem
  34. www.aroid.org/genera/amorphophallus/amlist.html
  35. www.math.harvard.edu/preceptor/surfaces/index.html
    zoo of surfaces
  36. www.cruel.com/
    cruel site of the day
  37. www.redmeat.com/redmeat/
    chuckle suppository for the chronically unamused
  38. www.babysue.com/contents.html
    perverted and insightful
  39. www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/bomb/sfeature/blastmap.html
    thermonuke your neighbor
  40. www.icebox.com/
    bad taste in a good cause
  41. www.best.com/~blaklion/indie_links.html
  42. www.theonion.com/
    very, very naughty
  43. www.i-cynic.com/
  44. www.xs4all.nl/~jcdverha/scijokes/
  45. www.us.mensa.org/
    the high-IQ society
  46. www.chabad.com/
    Jewish fundies
  47. www.chabad.org/
    extreme Jewish fundies
  48. www.bigeye.com/
    1000+ URLs
  49. cool.infi.net/
    Cool Site of the Day
  50. www.drudgereport.com/
    toss your newspaper
  51. www.hotwired.com/
    WIRED magazine
  52. www.suck.com/
  53. www.straightdope.com/
    the real truth
  54. www.msnbc.com/
    Microsoft + NBC = something
  55. www.cnn.com/
    folks you might trust
  56. intelweb.janes.com/
    terrorist news
  57. www.zdnet.com/
    tabloid tech mags
  58. www.darwinawards.com/
  59. www.troyrisk.com/Free%20Documents/Master%20Env%20Chart.PDF
    "you poor bastard"

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