is easier than being a gracious loser. Massive waves of European immigration extruded through Ellis Island, NY in the late 1800s to 1940s delivering disproportionate numbers of the most desperate, aggressive, risk-taking, and intelligent people to be found on that continent. They were welcomed by New York ethnic slums, sweatshops, and the meanest excuses for public education.

There was no Welfare, lactation allowance, aid to dependent children, Medicare, celebration of ethnic diversity, or culture of state- supported and otherwise worthless social workers. Immigrants' "rights" consisted of a winning struggle for sustenance, or death. Their kids were shoved through school, and nightmare to them if they failed English, math, and all that went along. The City University of New York twirled those rag pickers' sons into 19 Nobel laureates. (CUNY today has neither entrance requirements nor course exams. Such assays are Eurocentric oppression and racially discriminatory. Its diploma is toilet paper.) Another pot has been simmering a half-planet away.

Korean books were copied from printing blocks in 1232, antedating Caxton's 1477 Dictes or Sayenges of the Phylosophers, England's first published book. Originally using Chinese characters ill-suited to domestic pronunciation or syntactical logic, Korean underwent a sea change in the Early sixteenth century. King Sejong commissioned the creation of Hangul, syncretic written Korean, with minimalist 14 consonantal (9 simple, 5 double consonents: three velar, five alveolar, four bilabial, five dental, and two glottal sounds) and 10 vowel (ah, ya; u, yu; o, yo; oo, yoo; eu; i) strokes function without exceptions. Written Korean is syllabic and supremely logical. It even instructs the speaker in placing tongue, lips, and allied equipment - achieving a 500 year jump on the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Korean iron-clad ships impressed racial displeasure upon Japanese naval invaders 330 years before the American Civil War's Merrimack and Monitor. All that was lacking in this land of kimchi and bulgogi was the Protestant Ethic to put an Official heavenly seal of approval upon natural human instincts of avarice, trespass, and ecstasy. They instead had Confucianism, which serenely explores dynamic tension between opposites (building philosophical muscle the Charles Atlas way), eschewing physical conquest and intellectual empiricism. A 400 horsepower engine was hitched to a sprung transmission through a loose clutch.

Coercive culture-crushing Christian missionaries squawking mainline and fringe persuasions endowed Koreans with a Western legacy of greed, plunder, political larceny, and Official truth. Lest the lesson go unheeded, an uncouth "police action" (the Korean War) stoked conflagrations of local hatred thereafter celebrated with unceasing diligence and gusto. With militarism comes entrepreneurship. As Western powers have descended into the corruption and indigence of the Welfare State, so Koreans have discovered the gifts of capitalism. They are real good at it, amok fanatics to a man, and unhindered by a Federal Trade Commission butchering oligarchic heroes.

Europe and North America gaze toward Asia and mutually shudder. That a public education system could disgorge untold legions of literate, numerate, and motivated graduates is beyond their collective comprehension. How unlucky the Caucasoid races are to have all the kids with learning disabilities. They are barely ameliorated by countless lawyers, psychologists, and holders of Masters degrees in administration and education. Can you hear massed feet marching toward your bottom line? The enemy is chomping cabbage pickled in hellfire. Eat your Wheaties.

Being a gracious winner is easier than being a gracious loser. Being the winner means setting the rules, and there need be nothing gracious about it. America has been sucked dry by its Welfare State - reamed clean for self-esteem! Its despotic metastatic derangement of government regulation is a farce among Terran regimes ignoring its patents, disregarding its copyrights, and getting the job done with a thin layer of payola lubricating the gears. The Arabs bleed America white for oil money as little men are paid off to garrote the US ritual of "play ball with us or we shove the bat up your butt." A Japanese cabal of government, finance, and industry has sent the American economy, smug carcass boasting fifth grade reading skills, for a Burton.

Department of Education schooling is useless, kills inspiration and curiosity, is mind-numbingly tedious, makes no connections to anything, and is forgotten immediately after the test. The EPA and Homeland Severity assure no garage machinist or chemist survives to invent or discover. Obadiah Stane, "Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave. With a box of scraps!" You cannot manage discovery, you can only manage to end it.

Our orthodox economic adversaries have grown fat, wealthy, and effete. The infrastructure of their productivity and pleasures is as fragile as ours toward armed incursion, terrorist perfidy, anomie, and ennui. Their youth are not goaded by greed, hunger, and revenge; their bellies are replete and queasy of fulsome paradise. New appetites arise, willing to sacrifice their lives securing Eden for their posterity. They exquisitely hone their youth into adroit weapons. They reach out, and squeeze.

Will we be graciously servile in our losses, or will we rediscover our valor and squeeze back until our economic adversaries burst? If god loves the poor, crippled, and stupid, then god can fucking well pay for them or take them back. My wallet is busted. Go postal before the rates rise again.

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