What sanctions the monstrous complexity of a mind like that of a Gauss or an Euler? Consider the appalling energies of a Type II supernova, the gigagauss maelstrom of a neutron star, the mass of a black hole crushing spacetime, and the size of a galaxy. Where do we minuscule sacks of self-aware slime rank in the firmament?

We are its conquerors in the fine tradition of Christ-besotted Spanish psychotic felons who waved their halfling faggot god-on-a-stick and plundered the New World. White European patriarchal historic oppressors of Peoples of Colour wrested all wealth from genetically degenerate inbred indigens and relieved those native Amerindian throwbacks of their very lives, by the tens of millions. If God bore any objections He was content to sort through the losers after their dregs arrived in Heaven.

We exist to create consequential constructs that could not otherwise spontaneously arise. The importance of genetic engineering applied to releasing the pawl and ratchet of our evolution is evident. Our best minds are sacred wombs of ever greater minds. Our debt is to our future, not to the poor and stupid.

Our racial challenges are but two. How are we to create a sentient simulacrum of our own minds unbounded by our physical and biochemical limits? How are we to transcend the constraint of lightspeed to thereby convey ourselves throughout the universe in real time? Remember that reality is not parsimonious in its biological appraisals. If We find Them, They are history. If They find Us, We get blankets dripping with smallpox.

Mind is wrought of a complexity of function that transcends its physical elements. Finer and finer dissection of a human brain does not uncover a single thought. All dissolves into plebeian organic chemistry void of cognition. Discrete programming of a discrete processor yields an idiot computer. Discard von Neumann machines for parallel processors like BlueGene/L, Cray XT4/XT3, or Cray Red Storm, and add self-revising rules like artificial intelligence to obtain something more powerful. Proceed to the ill-defined recursive elaboration of a multi-layered neural net to effectively handle problems like pattern recognition that cannot be conquered by exact stipulations, no matter how subtle or numerous. Seizing the answer necessitates obscuring the procedure. Neural nets are fractal in nature. "There is no there there when you get there." Neural nets are quantum mechanical in process. Tapping in for an observation changes the observation. Neural nets are not programmed; they are trained.

We fabricate 2-D integrated circuitry at 60 nm dimensions and look forward to literal molecular devices. Have we missed a step? The Eiffel Tower owes its lattice structure to the soft steel then extant. Its solidity derives from its recursive form, as three thin sheets of paper become corrugated cardboard or a few grams of liquid become a liter of polyurethane foam.

(Alexandre Gustave Eiffel could have added 1.5% silicon to his 8092 tonnes of low carbon wrought iron and aged it in a pizza oven for a week to grow super bainite steel. The Eiffel Tower could have been twice as tall. Ignorance is expensive.)

Consider a transistor whose components are themselves transistors, whose components... Electrical engineers desperately woo the third dimension of circuit integration as they pack increasingly denser forests of linearly ordered planar devices onto increasingly larger chips. Perhaps the third dimension need not be height. Perhaps it is one of form, of complexity, of recursive fractal structure wherefrom mystic self-aware intelligence emerges out of a vortex of telescoping intricacy like Excalibur being thrust through the surface by the Lady of the Lake.

The magnitude and density of violence of any cataclysm short of a black hole is ignored by spacetime. The Large Hadron collider will recreate quantum states equalling those postulated of the Big Bang, to no macroscopic consequence. Trivial math underlines the futility of pursuing lightspeed and, if time slows to a crawl for the voyagers, it still proceeds full apace for their financiers. The fineness and subtlety of weave of the fabric of existence will yield to an equally fine unravelment - intelligence - rather than a Gordian solution.

Lightspeed might be an absolute barrier unbreachable by even the largest bludgeon but yielding to a tickle. We should seek a quantum mechanical fractal velcro to interpenetrate and muddle what appears to be a polished and obdurate multi-dimensional surface. We will equivocate our way across the universe.

Seekers of the Black Rose were cautioned, "you may only find it where it is not." What a punch line it would be if the whole of physical science, its realization as technology, and its execution as engineering were to be swept away by a perfect flicker of thought. Let us hope that the thinker will be sane, or at least retain a sense of humor.

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