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These are works of fiction.There is no attempt made nor desire extant to libel or otherwise cause malicious damage, loss, public contempt, defamation, blasphemy, treason, sedition, or ridicule to persons, cabals, governments, institutions, corporations, or assemblies of inanimate objects; alien lifeforms, microorganisms, clergy, vegetables, animals, or observed spatio-temporal reality.

If it is found that any extant entity or collection of entities maintains an uncomfortable congruence to the caricatures and ridiculous comedic exaggerations contained herein, the author offers his apologies and condolences...

...and if you are still pissed off, you are invited to go pound sand up your ass.
Conciliation has its limits.


AMERICA! AMERICA! Carnivore/DCS1000, RIP, Altivore, ECHELON, WinWhatWhere...
It's the Keystroke Kops!

New Weapons of Mass Consumption FREEDOM FREEDOM
Week 721!

Uncle Al goes intellectually slumming this week. He visits non-decimal places and a temple of rotted cabbage, farts at Vegans, revels at stinky flowers... but first: photon rights!

When swine vote, the man with the slop bucket is always elected swineherd no matter how much slaughtering he does. (Do not overlook porking the squealing Village Idiot.)
Uncle Al's view of Enviro-whinerism.
Uncle Al's view of Homeland Severity.
Shooting fish in a Muslim barrel.
Semper fidelis, raghead bastards.
This is what feeding the Third World buys you.
Uncle Al exposed himself in public! A pair of simple experiments using existing apparatus and commercial materials can falsify the whole of physics without contradicting any prior observation in any venue at any scale. Contemporary physical theory is a disaster - quantized gravitation and SUSY. Only new observation can transcend Official cluelessness, the geometric parity Eötvös experiment! Somebody should look. The worst it can do is succeed. Physics is a coward for not looking.

Mazepath is administered by JW Hooper, prestigious alpha geek code poet. His three kids aced Michigan Gifted children evaluation tests despite (because of!) not going to school. They were each and all told to go to Hell because slum bunnies need Diversity scholarships.


Not recommended for children or mammals in general:

Liberal political canon celebrates genetic, developmental, and behavioral trash; reproductive warriors, religious hind gut fermenters, drug addicts, Enviro-whiner Luddites; the stupid, the pathetic, and the Officially Sad.

Uncle Al says, "Go postal before the rates rise again."

Beware cultures grown comfortable within their ancestors' nightmares. FIGHT BACK! The future is wrought by the gifted - you, for instance. A clever person would click for apotheosis: