Los Angeles Times Saturday 13 May 2006, page B1: "High school exit exam tossed"

"Alameda County Superior Court Judge Robert Freedman issued a preliminary injunction against the testing requirement, ruling it places an unfair burden on poor and minority students who attend low-performing schools."

The test evaluates *8th and 9th grade* English and *8th grade* math skills for 12th grade high school seniors. Passing is 55% correct. It may be taken an unlimited number of times. "Students with a learning disability were exempted from the test." They get automatic diplomas. They have rights.

46,768 kids failed the 2006 exam, 10.7% of the entire California high school senior population. The bottom 10%, omitting the abundant "learning other-abled," is not objectively qualified to receive a(n 8th grade) high school diploma. Everybody took the identical test, and some many times.

Failure is remarkably limited to Blacks and and Browns. They cannot pass the test with a 55% score no matter how many times they try, even given an Officially blind eye toward cheating. 34% of the total entering high school population - the exceptionally stupid ones - had already dropped out.

Racial discrimination! Everybody shares the same innate abilities, as beagles racing whippets will always beget dead heats. Neither Blacks nor Browns have been in America sufficiently long to learn English. Their cultures apparently have different maths, too.

The 2006 California State budget allocated $40.1 billion for education, 30+% of the entire State budget ($55.1 billion in 2007 - 37.4% increase!!!). Toss in brutal county land taxes. After summed decades of this travesty, should we be seeing some positive accumulation of purchased goods?

Management gets performance bonuses by following rules set down by other Management, by the rules. Brits suffered 420,000 casualties and Frogs 200,000 more in the Battle of the Somme. On 01 July 1916 Brits suffered 58,000 casualties in a single day as human wave attacks charged uphill through barbed wire into Hun machine gun fire. Was the plan for Germans to run out of ammunition? When British blood finally stopped flowing and near nothing had been gained, General Sir Douglas Haig got a fantastic "attaboy!" Every corpse had been rendered by the rules.

The Brits never suspected something had gone horribly wrong absent protracted studies and deft statistical analyses. Let us safeguard the future by destroying the present, by the rules. Contemporary Homeland Severity has the budget, the will, and the preponderate vicious stupidity to score near 55% on the test given sufficient attempts.

It is Officially estimated that 13 million illegal aliens infest America, with 3 million more entering annually. Irish immigration eventually begat 1/3 the population of New England. There were sustained hard feelings while this transpired. About 5 million Irish immigrants arrived overall, 1820-1920.

WWII Germany exercised a documented removal of 11 million designated unwanteds. This was vigorously condemned worldwide by all moral people afterwards, said folks having closed their borders to targeted refugees during the act. Pope Pius XII evinced no regrets. Could such a moral perversion (situational ethic) occur today?

In 2006 13 million illegals could be uncreated within two weeks given 100 industrial wood chippers.

(3600 sec/hr)(8 hr/day)(1 illegal/5 sec)(100) = 576,000 fewer illegals/day

Work double shifts and all 13 million illegals disappear in 12 days. Figure an average weight of 170 lbs/body to give about one million cubic yards of slurry. LA treated sewage was once cheaply pumped a few miles offshore into a crack in the Earth almost a mile deep. (Now it is dewatered and landfilled at obscene expense, plus groundwater contamination.) The plumbing is still in place, as is the crack. Is their robust suckling of the public teat forever, killing the rest of us softly, any less atrocious?

Any country with centralized mandated charity - Welfare, Social Security, Medicare - cannot persist past Baby Boomer retirement by 2015. A 45-year abundance of mercilessly plundered wallets will precipitously transform into outstretched palms. Then, Ragnarok. The Ponzi scheme will suffer an abrupt phase inversion of whipped cream into grease.

Professional management, like accountacy, is the military model. The military is designed to go in, do it hard, and get out after victory. Every war post-WWII in which America has hung around has been disastrous - Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Gulf War II. Kill, win, and run away works to spec - Grenada, Gulf War I.

Professional management sees business quarters into the future, but companies are created to persist. Accountancy values an enterprise upon liquidation, but enterprises are not run to be liquidated. Educational institutions do not go into mothballs after five years of production. Their inferior products return to recursively haunt them, as we are seeing.

Turbulence in plasma magnetohydrodynamics does not large scale average, it adds into sunspots. Social errors as legislated and enforced national impositions do not average, they add. Big government is not self-correcting, it is self-destroying. Tight central management (rather than competent lower echelons with freedom to locally act) is a terrible irremediable mistake...

...as though the USSR was an insufficient empirical example. Bush the Lesser does god's work for his cronies. He is every village's idiot.

The California Supreme Court reinstated the exit exam on 23 May. Voluptuous graduation chaos followed.

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