The heads of state of Earth's 190 polities are primarily frat boys with great social skills (plus the sporadic perseveratively homicidal despot). They are the worst possible people to be in charge of anything requiring technical acumen. Do not patronize accountants lacking arithmetic skills.

One nation is led by a profoundly competent engineer. He nationally tested at the very top of his class. He whizzed through higher education and mightily succeeded in his profession. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad heads Iran, and he lusts for an engineering solution to the US. It will not be realized through a game of golf.

President Bush the Lesser was a freak excrescence of wealth and privilege who boasted the intellectual prowess of a poikilotherm. He and his equally capable ("character") cronies and appointees destroyed a $14 trillion/year national GDP. President Barack Obama is the best Harvard Law School could produce. He is a gifted orator and Blackberry adept who could not fashion a baking soda volcano for his kids. He is innocent of the science and mathematics that define First World civilization.

A corporal gassed in WWI trenches went on to bigger things by not fighting the previous war. Ahmadinejad loudly admires Adolph Hitler - if not for his scope then for his empirical innovation. While Homeland Severity sniffs a Maginot line of civilian shoes in airports nationwide Iran end runs through metaphoric Belgium. Ahmadinejad is dazzlingly shrewd at assembling modest resources to great ends through abstract engineering optimization. Won't Pentagon brass hats be surprised?

On 03 February 2009 Iran orbited its first homespun satellite Omid (Farsi for "hope" - ho! ho! ho! and Shepard Fairey) with its Safir-2 rocket. American Media were afire with Nuclear Death Raining Down From The Skies. That was frat boys shotgunning beers. Why vaporize a city when you can burn out every microprocessor and circuit in an entire country? Drop every airplane from the skies, too, with typically 5000 in the air at any time throughout any weekday. Leave the population in place - to riot.

On 09 July 1962, the US military on trifling Pacific atoll Johnston Island launched a Thor ballistic missile with a 1.4 megaton hydrogen bomb detonated at 250 miles altitude. Designated Starfish Prime, it knocked the crap out of everything electronic from New Zealand to Hawaii at 810 mile radius with a 5000 volts/meter transverse electric field at Honolulu. Its spreading radiation cloud juiced the van Allen belts, killing seven low Earth orbit satellites of the time.

Much of the warhead's energy was emitted as 3 MeV x-rays from the insane plasma of its detonated substance. They propagated line of sight through vacuum down to atmosphere at 12-25 miles altitude where a mighty ionization occurred. Freed electrons spiraled around Earth magnetic field lines. Electron cyclotron resonance emitted a prodigious oscillatory electromagnetic field at 15 - 250 MHz for which every conductor and circuit trace is an antenna. This an electromagnetic pulse, EMP. Emitting region size varies with altitude and device yield.

As warhead plasma disperses a low-frequency electric field reflects between the surface and the ionosphere, circling the planet. This electric field is perhaps a millivolt/meter - but there is a volumetric lot of it. It cumulatively fries long terrestrial and underwater cables, blowing circuit breakers and equipment at both ends, blacking out a nation.

On 22 October 1962, USSR Operation K detonated a 300 kiloton warhead at 180 mile altitude near Dzhezkazgan. The EMP pushed 2500 amperes through 360 miles of overhead telephone lines, melting them. It killed 620 miles of shallow-buried power cables between Aqmola and Almaty.

Let us craft an engineering solution. Iran has a booster, satellite capability, and nuclear warheads. Iran is signatory to no nuclear testing or warfare treaties. (Neville Chamberlain's flaccid sheet of Hitler-signed paper did not impede WWII). Orbit the party favor to 300 miles altitude over Sault St. Marie east of Lake Superior. A horseshoe-shaped emitter region south of detonation, 1400 miles wide, ends First World civilization from Maine to West Virginia, and west to Kansas City and Minneapolis.

Do it over Missoula, Idaho to uncreate the West Coast. One pop, 2000 planes fall out of the sky. Two pops, 4000 planes fall out of the sky. This transcends a shoe bomb worn by a moron.

One might ponder what wars are being fought by the Pentagon as you read this. The Korean war never ended. Europe is still rich with US soldiers defending our economic competitors from self-reliance. On 12 February 2009 CNN disclosed 87,000 M240 squad automatic weapons landed in Afghanistan and simply vanished. Homeland Severity warrantlessly assaults, searches, and seizes US citizens at airports in a jackbooted State compassion frenzy reducing KGB ex-Director Vladimir Putin to heartfelt sobs of envy.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad auspiciously awaits his Iran orbiting Hope toward a calculated future.

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