Screamingly Liberal Commie-red-as-a-baboon's-ass Los Angeles Times offers us a delicious tidbit to swallow whole. No chewing! "Half of high schools meet US goals" Los Angeles Times "California section" page B3, 05 September 2008.

"Half" is in fact 48% and "goals" are "adequate yearly progress". Gentle reader might think 52% of California schools - the majority - had inadequate yearly progress (itself self-servingly meaningless to the max, er, min). This would be hate language (the real world truth). The good number was politically viciously inflated suggesting that the bad number is real world bigger in kind.

Test scores were high overall and not more disparate amongst themselves because No Child Left Behind allowed California to comply with substantially lower Federal standards of evaluation. "A student could pass the math portion of the test without answering a single algebra question correctly". It was administered to all high school 10th grade students.

Let us begin with good news. The California Academic Performance Index for high school students is the standardized test evaluation (already rich with lies). Possible scores range from 200 to 1000 inclusive. Your name is worth 200 points. Not everybody passed "Go" and received them. (Uncle Al would name it the California Relational Academic Performance Index, CRAPI.)


vs. 2007
Yellow 866 14%
White 816 10%
Brown 683 17%
Black 658 14%
(State) (742) (14%)

Goddamned bigots are being trashed, eh? The System works! No Child Left Behind allowed educators to lower standards until almost half the schools were at or above them. One suspects the bar was then resting on the floor and more than 50% of California high schools still managed to slither under it.

When engineers seek to measure performance they may care less about raw numbers than about their origins. Dissimilar data are often scaled to uniform origin for valid comparison. The goo and dribble of unit conversions and different starting points melt away through internal comparison. When everything is considered from the same basis valid conclusions may appear. Who wants that?


Yellow 866 106 817
White 816 100 816
Brown 683   84 813
Black 658   81 812
Weighted average)
(673)  (82) (820)

Look at that! An initial point spread of (866-658)/(1000-200) or 26% of whole scale is reduced to 0.6% spread by the simple expedient of scaling test scores with... wait for it... The Bell Curve IQs, (score)/(IQ/100). Think of it as compassionate reallocation of objective intelligence. The State of California is then generating kids with a standardized average IQ of stooopid.

If (866-658)/(1000-200) is like totally, you know, gag me with a spoon beyond your abilities or even comprehension, don't sweat it. You will not need it to pass the CRAPI exam.

New York City public education 1958-1970 was a hotbed of standardized tests - IQ, Regents exams, IOWA tests, you name it. We sat with our young butts screwed into ancient chairs bolted to worn wooden slat floors and filled in little ovals with #2 pencils. If your surname was Pietroschiczewskiewitz you were "one letter in each box" dog meat at the starting line. Whites did 100 IQ, Jews approached 110 IQ, Browns (PRs in those days, Latinos today) managed 90 IQ, Blacks seized a reliable 80 IQ.

By 1970 The Community revolted against patriarchal White Protestant European historic oppressors of Peoples of Colour. New York City psychologists wrote and normalized a "Black" IQ test. It was administered citywide and the results were laudable! Minorities scored average ~100 IQ and all was well...

...until some nit released the full test scores. Whites came in around 130. The new test allowed the ineducably ignorant (stupid) to score well. It more than equally allowed the reasonably intelligent to score, ah, weller. Standardized testing was then compassionately banned in New York City and every child was left behind - White, Black, Brown - by law and custom.

California is more than 50% non-White as you read this. Los Angeles is Officially 75% Brown and Black. California is then faced with two loathsome alternatives: Remove reading, writing, and math from education evaluation tests or import about 10 million reproducing Jews.

The whole of Israel does not contain 7 million Jews. Most of the New York Jews are in Florida slowly dying of old age. It looks like California education is about to get a whole lot easier for the 40% of kids who do not drop out. One can only pray that stupidity cannot keep up so that more studies are needed.

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